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Chicken Fajitas, 3 lbs.

Chicken Fajitas, 3 lbs.

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Type : Chef Jay's Epicurean Kitchen Chicken Fajitas, 3 lbs.

SKU : CF500236

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 Chicken Fajitas, 3 lbs.

 Chicken Fajitas are grilled boneless chicken breast with roasted bell peppers, onions, and a tangy fajita glaze. This fully cooked meal is perfectly tender, juicy, and easy to prepare.

Product Features:

  • Contains chicken, grilled fajita vegetable blend, and fajita skillet sauce
  • Fully cooked, sous vide style
  • Perfectly tender and juicy
  • Made with premium natural* chicken
  • Easy to prepare
  • Includes chicken fajita meal, 2-3 lbs.


  • Fully cooked, ready in minutes
  • Sous-vide technology resulting in fork tender and super moist chicken
  • Serve over your favorite rice or wrap it up as a fantastic